February 25, 2012


If you are in 8-12 grade and looking for a place to fit in where you get fellowship, fun and worship, look no further. Any youth from grades 8-12 are welcome. We are a diversified group that does lots of activities to further our journey with God. Come check us out!  Read below for some more info about our Youth Ministry!

Youth Discipleship

♦ Sunday School
From 10:15 to 11:00 am, right after our 9 am church service, we learn about various parts of the Bible and Christian faith while we share breakfast.  We rotate bringing breakfast but we always have plenty of food for visitors.
♦ Sunday Evening UMYF
Youth gather again on Sunday evenings from 6 to 8 pm to share a free meal, play games, worship, fellowship, and participate in Christian studies. This is a fun and educational experience for youth to recharge their batteries before the school week and grow spiritually. Again, guests are welcome and we always have plenty of food!


♦ Second Sunday Service (S3)
Youth participate in monthly mission work, usually on the second Sunday of each month. We usually leave church after Sunday School and eat lunch on the road before serving.We usually leave church after Sunday School and eat lunch on the road before serving. Various projects include working in soup kitchens and homeless shelters, helping the elderly and shut-ins of the church, visiting the veterans home or Methodist Family Health, and completing small construction projects.
♦ Ozark Mission Project (OMP)
The highlight of our summer is Ozark Mission Project, a week-long opportunity for service to our neighbors, worship, getting to know new friends, and being Christ’s example in the world. We travel to a different part of the state and spend Sunday through Saturday living and working out of a local church with a mixed Family Group of youth from all over the state. Typical projects include wheelchair ramps, home repairs and painting. Most of the cost is covered by gracious donors and fundraising by youth, with only a small deposit required from parents. Without a doubt, this is a life changing experience for all youth and adults who attend!
♦ Mini OMP
We plan a weekend service and worship weekend over Christmas break (usually after Christmas) to remind us what celebrating Jesus’ birthday challenges us to do; be the hands and feet of Christ. We spend two days working and have a lock-in at the church with an evening of worship.
♦ Service Opportunities Within the Church
Our youth are very involved serving God within our own church including serving as group leaders for younger children at Vacation Bible School. Many youth also volunteer to work on a rotation in the nursery and children’s church. Youth have a role in each church event, including pot lucks and seasonal family events.

Special Annual Events

♦ Spring Retreat at Mount Eagle
We visit Mount Eagle, a beautiful 1,000 acre retreat center owned by the Arkansas Conference, each spring for a quiet weekend away from the bustle of high school and adolescence. Youth appreciate the opportunity to pray, worship, get to know one another, and soak up the beauty of God’s creation in the Ozarks. Typically this takes place Friday night through Sunday, coinciding with spring break.
♦ Veritas 
Over 1,500 youth from around the state gather the first weekend in March in Hot Springs for a weekend of worship. Nationally renowned speakers, a chart-topping Christian band, and small group activities pave the way for spiritual growth and encounters with Jesus.
♦ Assembly
This week long summer event is an opportunity for youth to grow spiritually through small group devotions, service and worship. Participants spend the week on a college campus and staying in dorms.
♦ Summer Day Retreats
We take one or two Saturday day trips to enjoy Creation and get away from busy teenage lives. We typically go hiking or boating.
♦ Fun Trips
Sometimes, we all need to unwind! We occasionally go to Altitude Trampoline Park, Wild River Country, or challenge a youth group at another church to a game of kick ball on a Sunday afternoon.
♦ Youth Sunday
One Sunday each year, youth lead worship by singing, ushering, and preaching.
♦ Youth Activities week
Before students begin school in August, we say goodbye to summer with Youth Activities Week. We welcome the new youth entering 8th grade through fun activities like movies, bowling, games, and the annual Methodist Family Heath Walk.
♦ District and Conference Leadership
Several of our youth are involved in leadership roles the Arkansas Conference Council on Youth Ministries (ACCYM) and the Arkansas Central District Conference on Youth Ministries (DCYM). ACCYM is a youth-led assemblage of youth and adults from around the state that plan large events like Veritas, Assembly, Mitto, Refuge, and Choir Tour. DCYM is a similar organization of youth and adults from churches in the Central District. We are proud of our youth that have taken the initiative in leading others to Christ!