May 17, 2012

Adult Discipleship

Part of the Christian life is growing to love Jesus more deeply and love like Jesus.  We do so by connecting with one another to learn what this means and support one another in this endeavor. At Vilonia United Methodist Church there are a variety of groups available to find support, accountability, and a place to grow in your faith.  Below are a list of our Sunday School classes and small groups.  All Sunday School Classes meet from 10:15-11:00am on Sundays, but our small groups meet at varied times convenient for the group.  Check out their personal descriptions to learn more about when and where they meet.

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Adult Sunday School Classes
(10:15-11:00am on Sundays)

♦ Senior Adult Class (Room 104)
This lecture/study group uses the Adult Bible Study Series.

♦ Amazing Grace Class (Room 203)
Ages range from 40 to 50s; study various topics of faith development and Bible discussion.

♦ Fellowship Class (Room 101)
Ages range from 50s to 70s; lecture/discussion class that focuses on Bible study.

♦ Legacy builders (Room 205)
Ages range from 20s to 30s; faith development through Bible study and current topics.

♦ College Age Class (Room 203)

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Adult Small Groups

(Times listed below group)

♦ The Radicals
Wednesdays at 6:30pm in Room 104

♦ W.O.W. - Women of Worth
Sundays at 8:30am in Room 101

Men's Bible Study
Wednesdays at 6am in Worship Center

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